‘Annabelle 3’ brings us to the Warren couple again on stage

Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

For the first time since The Conjuring 2 in 2016, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will return to the roles of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Annabelle 3, which will be released next winter, is the first spin off of The Conjuring to present the protagonists of the series.

Now, just a few weeks after The Nun repeated Annabelle’s first critical problem / box office, it was revealed that not only Annabelle will be the first in the series to receive a third entry, but that it will be the first split to bring back the characters of Ed and Lorraine. The trilogy of the evil doll will also be the debut as director of franchise veteran Gary Dauberman.

The full capacity to which Wilson and Farmiga will appear in the third untitled movie has not yet been seen, but the report describes their roles as support. The article also included a brief description of the plot, in which she focused on Mckenna Grace of The Haunting of Hill House as the daughter of Ed and Lorraine, Judy.

According to the description, “Annabelle 3, the sixth title of the The Conjuring franchise, begins with the Warrens that take the Annabelle doll to a place where it can no longer wreak havoc: its Artifact Room. Annabelle awakens the evil of the room, and sets a new goal: the ten-year-old daughter of the Warrens, Judy. The girl with her nanny (Judy’s teenage cousin) and her cousin’s friend confront the evil doll. “

The film will premiere on July 3, 2019, which the studio has held for a film Conjuring since last April. The majority assumed that it would turn out to be a split of The Crooked Man, a villain who appeared in The Conjuring 2. The news related to The Crooked Man has been relatively quiet since its announcement last June. However, the Conjuring 3 is ready to begin production next year.

The third untitled film by Annabelle is written and directed by Gary Dauberman and starring Mckenna Grace and Madison Iseman. James Wan, who directed both entrances of Conjuring, will produce. It is launched on July 3, 2019.

Annabelle 3: release date, trailer, synopsis, actors and characters from the horror movie

Annabelle Comes Home

The diabolical doll that first appeared in El Conjuro returns for its third film and the sixth installment in The Conjuring Universe. Despite receiving negative reviews, the 2014 film was a success with a total of $ 257 million worldwide, three years later, Annabelle: Creation raised more than $ 306 million worldwide. All this has led to the release in 2019 of Annabelle 3, which has no official title yet.

For the time being, the production of the film written and directed by Gary Dauberman in his directorial debut, with the collaboration of James Wan, who also produced the film with Peter Safran, began on October 17, 2018.

During the 2018 SDCC, James Wan and Peter Safran revealed that the film’s events would take place after Annabelle and would focus on the doll after it was kept in the glass box of the Warrens Museum. For his part, Dauberman confirmed that the film will take place shortly after the beginning of The Conjuring, but also before many of the events of the first installment of the franchise.


In Annabelle: Creation shows the birth of the diabolic doll and links the story with the beginning of the second film, where the specialists in capturing demons, Ed and Lorraine Warren, manage to control the malignant being that lived in Annabelle and place the doll possessed in her house in “a safe place”; however, things do not go as expected.

“Determined to prevent Annabelle from causing more chaos, the demonologists Ed and Lorrain Warren enclose the diabolical doll in the artifact room of their home, putting it” safe “behind a sacred glass and counting on the sacred blessing of a priest. But a terrible night of horrors awaits when Annabelle awakens the evil spirits of the room, who end up looking at a new goal: Judy, the ten-year-old daughter of the Warren, and her friends, “says the official synopsis of the Warner Bros. movie

How does ‘The Curse of the Llorona’ connect with the movie ‘El Conjuro’?

Annabelle Comes Home

‘The Curse of La Llorona’ took the screens of the Mexican theaters during this Holy Week and produced by James Wan, became the new installment of the Warren Cinematic Universe … but how does it connect? story with a touch of Mexican folklore with the movie ‘El Conjuro’.

The Warren Cinematic Universe, developed by James Wan, is based on the adventures of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a married couple who devoted their lives to researching and combating paranormal phenomena, and to collecting allegedly enchanted objects that they kept in their residence, in Connecticutt, United States, in order to open a museum.

Ed died in 2006, and Lorraine Warren died last Thursday, April 18, as part of the premiere of ‘The Curse of La LLorona’ … chance?

The Warren Universe has given the public films like ‘Annabelle’ and ‘The Nun (The Nun)’, however, everything started in 2013, with ‘El Conjuro’, considered the beginning of the franchise.

In ‘El Conjuro’ we can see the characters of Ed and Lorraine Warren helping a family facing evil in their newly acquired home; the tape begins with the story of a peculiar doll: Annabelle.


Annabelle, the doll that presumably houses a powerful demon, is the connection between ‘The Curse of La Llorona’, ‘El Conjuro’, and the rest of the Warren Cinematic Universe.

‘The Curse of the Llorona’ follows Anna Tate-Garcia, a recently widowed social worker, who is investigating the murder of two children who were allegedly abused by her father.

The mother of the children, who responds to Patricia’s name, assures that she never harmed her children, and that the one responsible for infanticide is the spirit of La Llorona.

During their investigation, Patricia’s children, Samantha and Chris, begin to be harassed by La Llorona, ghost determined to end the lives of minors.

Look who has returned

Well here you have the trailer of the third installment of Annabelle, with the return of Lorraine and Ed Warren and with the doll of misses returning to fuss brown.

Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

In this occasion direction and script fall in the hands of Gary Dauberman from an argument of James Wan. Dauberman, who debuted here as a director, is a scriptwriter linked to this saga since its inception, as he wrote the two previous installments. After also working as a screenwriter for the hit It, whose second chapter debuts this year, and La nun, played the prize and the opportunity to prove himself at the controls of a movie.

The premiere will take place next July 12 in our country.

Annabelle 3 revealed her official title with her first advance

The most sinister doll of the current cinema is back with Annabelle 3, the third installment of the successful spin-off of El Conjuro, which arrives in theaters on June 27 of this year.

Today came to light the first teaser of the film, which reveals the official title: Annabelle Comes Home.

As anticipated by the name, the film will focus on the arrival of the famous doll to the Warren’s house and how it will affect his presence at Ed and Lorraine’s home, mainly his daughter and the rest of the articles that will coexist with her in the room of the artifacts.

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