Annabelle Comes Home 【2019】 Full Movie Online HD released in the United States on June 6, 2019. Annabelle Comes Home (Gary Dauberman) atomic most havoc in (cast, wiki, official trailer, release date, actress). “Annabelle Comes Home online HD movie” “Annabelle Comes Home James Wan advanced in 2018 some clues from the plot of The Sorcery 3. In particular, it was clear to say that this part of the saga would not focus on haunted houses or possessions by specters in human form.

Reviewing the actual files of the Warren couple, there is only one case that matches that description: the Wolf Man Bill Ramsey. The premiere of Annabelle Comes Home could have confirmed this plot, but before delving into why, stop in this paragraph if you want to avoid spoilers.

The world premiere of Annabelle Comes Home just happened, however, the reality of the Warren investigations portrays much of what the film exposes.

In this third installment of Annabelle, the possessed doll is sheltered in the home of Ed and Lorraine Warren, but this brings dire consequences to her daughter Judy, nanny Mary Ellen and even her friends: Daniela and Bob.

The wrath of Annabelle awakens other spirits housed in the house to torment each victim separately, Bob directly confronts the lycanthrope Ramsey.

The Wolf Man joins the story of Annabelle when teenagers find the book Werewolf: The True Story of Demonic Possession, written by Ed and Lorraine when they documented the case of the “wolf” that seized the body of British Bill Ramsey.

At that time in the film, there is a regression to the Warren practicing an exorcism on a man who manifested hearing panting and involuntary aggressive behavior; presumably because on some nights he “transformed” into a werewolf and attacked everyone around him.

In reality, this exorcism occurred in 1981 in Sussex, England. According to the Warren, the entity confronted that occasion then seized more of Ramsey’s relatives and practiced various rituals to contain it before being able to return home to Connecticut.

Annabelle 3, post-credits scene of the horror movie | Like the Marvel Studios films, more than one film from Warren’s universe has had post-credits scenes and when it premiered “Annabelle 3: Comes Home” (“Annabelle Comes Home” in its original language and “Annabelle returns home” “in Spain), it is inevitable to ask yourself if you will repeat the tradition.

“Annabelle 3” is the third film of the diabolic doll, in addition to the sixth of the franchise started with “The Conjuration” (“The Conjuring”, 2013), directed by Gary Dauberman and produced by James Wan, and set between the first film of the brand and “The spell 2” (“The Conjuring 2”, 2016).

According to the official synopsis of the film, “determined to prevent Annabelle from causing more chaos, the demonologists Ed and Lorrain Warren lock the diabolical doll in the artifact room of his house, putting it ‘safe’ behind a sacred glass and counting with the sacred blessing of a priest. But a terrible night of horrors awaits when Annabelle awakens the evil spirits of the room, who end up looking at a new goal: Judy, the 10-year-old daughter of the Warren, and her nannies. “

Unfortunately, “Annabelle 3” does not have any post-credits scene. That is, if you stay in the cinema until the end of the show, you will not receive any prize for your wait.

In itself, it is a pity that the studio has not contemplated any additional scenes for the film after the good experience that meant the outcome of “Annabelle 2: The Creation” (“Annabelle: Creation”, 2017), which combined with the first film of the doll and that later presented “The nun” (“The Nun”, 2018)

In the post-credits scene of “Annabelle 2”, the plot moved to the year 1952 in Romania, introducing herself to Valak, the demon who disguises herself as a nun in the Abbey of Santa Carta and whose story is told in “La nun”, which in turn connects with certain events of “The Conjuration”.

As for the ending of “Annabelle 2”, it explains the murder portrayed at the beginning of Annabelle, when a married couple dies at the hands of their own adopted daughter: a woman possessed since childhood by the spirit of a demon that used as a conduit to the wooden doll

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